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Plate Survives

Co-op Plate
Golden Jubilee Plate M&S Co-operative 1909
Commemorative plates were issued to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Manchester & Salford Equitable Co-operative Society in 1909. It has pictures of John C Edwards the first President in 1859, and William Stansfield the President when the plate was made. The former is mentioned in an earlier posting. I do not have a biography of the chap on the right with the big moustache. He was President from July to December 1905, and was relected for the years 1906 - 1909 .

There is a little story attached to this photograph. It appeared in the co-op's monthly magazine. "Mrs. Simpson informs us that her mother joined the Society in 1863, three years after it came into being. In 1931 the share account was taken over by Mrs. Simpson, which means there has been continuous membership for 85 years." Mrs. Simpson was then 85 years old and still shopping at the Ardwick store. The porclain plaque was presented to her mother and it became a treasured family heirloom.

Co-op Plate
Commerative Plate in the WCML
I was visiting the Working Class Movement Library in Salford today. It was the visit by Clarion cyclists for the excellent Clarion exhibition as part of the Manchester History Festival. That's another historical interest anything about The Clarion and Robert Blatchford. Anyway spotted a copy of the commemorative plate in a small room of ceramics. The room is tucked away in the back of the building, the Clarion exhibition is in the front room. Well worth a visit before it finishes at the end of March and check the opening times. I've been twice now.

References : M&S Co-operative Monthly Herald April 1949 page 89.
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