Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hardy Lane 1929

Just a picture from Tuesday October 29th 1930. Quality a bit poor, clipped from a newspaper, what wouldn't you give to get the negatives?

It shews Hardy Lane being transformed from a narrow country lane to wide road. New houses from the Barlow Moor Estate have been built. But are those old farm buildings the right foreground? Can't tell without further recognisance. It was planned to create "Arterial Route No.10" out of Manchester. It would have taken the dual carriage way of Mauldeth Road West built 1922-24, down Hardy Lane and then across the River Mersey to Sale and Altrincham. As we know this plan made Hardy Lane a very cul-de-sac as the road construction stopped at The Meadows.

Thanks to the commentor below. This is a photo of Hardy Lane looking towards Barlow Moor Road. The buildings on the right are the Hardy Lane Cottages - see


pluralzed said...

The photographer's position would have been somewhere around the junction with Hurstville Road, or just south. The buildings on the right are Hardy Lane Cottages.

lorenzo23 said...

Thanks for that, very helpful, I was looking down Hardy Lane in my mind, the wrong way. That's cleared that up.

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