Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Shop Memories

Takes you back fifty years
Re-creating the past isn't just about authentification, if it is in the recent past it's about jogging people's memories. So by chance spotted this story from the Ilford Recorder when I was looking for information on Spel washing powder. Oh, the things you do on Thursday afternoon when you should be doing something more tedious.

"Old-fashioned weighing scales and flowery aprons are back in fashion this season as a nursing home goes retro. Drinks, sweets, cereals and household product packages have been recreated by high street supermarket Co-op at Birchwood Care Home, Clayhall Avenue, Clayhall.

Elderly people took a trip down memory lane, recreating scenes from post-war London as they donned pinnies and set up a temporary shop.

And grocer’s son 91-year-old resident Spencer Tricker has taken on the role of shopkeeper“I made some suggestions about what to have on the stall, like scales and how the counter should be laid out,” he said.

“It jogged a few memories and the other residents and everyone’s been coming over to have a look.”Activities co-ordinator at Birchwood, Lesley Norton, said: “The 1950s was a special era and our residents would have been in their youth at the time.
“The shop is a very visual way of bringing that period back to life. It has proved a trip down memory lane sparking conversations among the residents about when they were young,” she added.

Items in the shop were ordered by Mrs Norton after they were given a leaflet from the Co-op supermarket on old fashioned products, which they decided to order.

Co-op’s own ranges such as Spel washing powder and other brands from the 1950s including Ovaltine and Horlicks also feature in the shop.

The products on display were ordered from the Co-op complete with original advertising posters of the time.

Mrs Norton added: “Even though the boxes were empty, we have filled them with things like washing powder and tea to make it more true to life.”
“We plan to keep the shop open for the next three weeks at least as it has proved a real talking point for everyone here.”
Ilford Recorder 24 January 2012

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