Thursday, February 16, 2012

Longford Park

Co-op Landau
In an earlier post about the Co-op Rose Queen there was a reference to "a magnificent landau" that the M&S Co-op used in the summer months. As can be seen in the photograph it was a very large impressive carriage. The picture says it was taken in Longford Park, Stretford in 1949. It actually looks like The Quadrant just outside the Firswood entrance to the park. Just look at the crowds lining the road. The young lass must have felt like royalty.

This leads on to Longford Park celebrating its centenary this year. A section of the park is in Chorlton and it has always been enjoyed by all nearby residents. The hall - sadly demolished after neglect by Trafford Council, and grounds used to be the residence of John (1801-1888) and Enriqueta Rylands (1843-1908). Very rich, multi-millionaire rich, he made his money in the cotton industry. The Longford estate of 62 acres was purchased by Stretford Urban District Council in 1911. It was opened by Harry Nuttall MP on Saturday 11th May 1912 with speeches, brass band, maypole dance and other entertainments.

There are some celebrations this year to the very day in May, and I've noticed Chris Makepeace the noted historian of Manchester is giving a talk.

Centenary celebrations : Friends of Longford Park
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