Thursday, February 10, 2011

CP Meeting for Evacuation 1939

Picking up research again after a few months reveals a Communist Party public meeting at Hardy Lane Co-Op Rooms. It was back in April 1939. The Manchester Guardian gives a report of well-attended meeting on April 23rd. 'Miss May Ainley, the principle speaker, condemned the present evacuation proposals of the National Government as a scheme "still up in the air"..'. It was printed in a small column on page 5. There was concern as to where the children of Chorlton would be sent to in the event of a war. Five months later the evacuation did take place.

This is a departure from the usual hire of the hall to an organisation that wasn't a co-operative auxillery group or the Labour Party. No further details of anymore meetings of the Communist Party, or which branch, as yet.
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