Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ryvita the original

Ryvita has been on the shelves for as long as anyone can remember. It was first baked in 1927. One of those compound names taking the word rye with an etymology going back to Germanic and Nordic roots, and joining it a Latin or Italian word vita meaning life. Whilst pursueing through old British magazines of the 20th Century looking for anything but Ryvita I've noticed it is often there in print. Old co-op publications, back copies of Punch, and even early Vegetarian monthlies. That advertising budget was being spent to make it a popular brand. It is a dry, very dry but versatile cracker. Used to be promoted as an aid to slimming, at 35 calories a cracker it is true. But some of those toppings in the advert could pile on the weight.

Ryvita Special

The ingredients are good essentially just rye and water. As it has the royal appointment then the company can justify the Union Jack wrapper to gain some jubilee sales.


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