Sunday, June 17, 2012

Paddy Soap Powder

Sometime ago I made a posting about Spel Washing Powder. I was taken aback how many views it has received. There you go publishing a detailed piece of research about some historical footnote, nobody is interested. But a pack shot of a long gone washing powder gets the hits.

Spotted this old packet in a glass case in Gallery Oldham. It is not often I venture to an old mill town. But there is a new direct tram route and there was an exhibition of Liam Spencer paintings. Combine it into an adventure on light rails. It rained all day.

Paddy washing powder I don't know much about. It was around in the 1930's and definitely into the 1960's. Made in Irlam and other CWS soap works, and sold in your local co-op store.

There was also a bar of carbolic soap and some dolly blue which you added to your wash for whiter whites in a small cabinet by the stairs on the first floor. Funny what gets curated and displayed and what doesn't.

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felix said...

Did you spot this pic?

Quite a few more in the stream.

lorenzo23 said...

Thanks for that. Was away but now i've viewed them all

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