Friday, May 25, 2012

Rare Co-Op Badges

If you are a butterfly surfer jumping from one fascination to the next trivia you come to things that you'd never thought existed.

So it was stumbling across these Air Raid Precautions (1924-1946) badges issued by the CWS. Thought I'd like to buy them as they are for sale. But the price tags of nearly 70 GBP is beyond my budget.

The joint English & Scottish CWS badge has the red rose and the thistle. The CWS has the wheatsheaf emblem with the addition of that spade that appeared in the 1940's. Dig for victory?

Manufactured Fattorini at the Regent Street Works in Birmingham. When it comes to metal badges they are the best. They also made the FA Cup, yes that big silver pot with the big handles.

Anyway if you want stuff like this then check out Home Front Collection.

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