Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another New World Order

New World Order Co-Op Party
There have been numerous books with "The New World Order" in the title. The words always have a sinister ring to me, possibly because I associate the phrase with world domination. Though I've not got a copy of this pamphlet, it being a "Summary of the Co-operative Party's programme for reconstruction", I was attracted by the title to take a picture of the cover. It is in the Working Class Movement Library. Published by the Nottingham Co-operative Society, in 1944 and it fits into 16 pages. If it was by the Co-Operative Party then there would be nothing totalitarian between the covers.

There was an H.G. Wells book published some four year earlier called "The New World Order". Its a plan to unite the nations of the world in order to bring peace and end war. It was republished in 2007 and you can read it online at Project Guttenberg. I suggest Chapter 6 called Socialism Unavoidable and let me know what he was on about. He was 74 and having a rant.

The Frank Leeman pamphlet is consigned to the archives. As for Frank then I know nothing except he could do a Clement Atlee look-a-likey.

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