Thursday, July 26, 2012

Afternoon Film Show

Made it to the pleasant Wednesday afternoon talk about films made by co-operatives. It was at the Working Class Movement Library on a sunny day in Salford. We got to see some video to illustrate the talk. The picture in this post is a screen capture of Stanley Holloway who featured in a comedic role in one of the movies for the CWS.

Now I had seen most of the material before but not for years. There is something in the phrase "you see what you know". In two of the clips I spotted two CWS soap powders Spel and Paddy. A few months ago I wouldn't have noticed them but having written a couple of posts about them, and since they had more hits than usual the images stuck in my mind. I ask you - boxes of long defunct soap powders?

To be brutal this could be labelled as history of entertainment for the retired. To be  bit fairer there were actually a good sprinkling of people with day jobs. Why shouldn't history be an entertainment. It needs to be shared and keeping it interesting is a way of doing this.

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