Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trip to the Co-op Archives

First M&S Herald
Photograph is of what I believe is the first edition of the Manchester & Salford Co-operative Monthly Herald. This was the longest running of all members monthly magazines by any co-operative society. It was given free to customers. I understand it ceased around 1960. It is the source of much research, and fortunately a whole year's worth were bound into volumes which makes trawling for information easier.

Had a trip into town, and booked a slot to visit the Co-operative archives. Oh I miss the old days of when you could just wander around a basement of old co-operative material, make a few photocopies and go home. Now you have request material in advance. That's the way archives have gone. No more stumbling over some publication that takes your eye.

As you can see the front page is a little torn and held together with yellowing sellotape. The other copies for that year have had the pictures cut out. But you get to touch history and not a facsimile. That ephemera has survived is chance. Meanwhile outside the new Co-operative HQ is being built over the way. Took some photographs. It is going to be impressive building.

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