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Guild Purchases Competition

co-op guild purchases
The photograph is of a handsome cup and it is going to awarded to the co-operative guild that has made the most purchases over the last six months. Twenty four out of the thirty three guilds entered in 1949, that would include women's and mixed guilds. Maybe three of the men's guilds did too.

There was a meeting in the large hall at the Downing Street, Ardwick to announce the winners. Well Barlow Moor Mixed Guild nor Chorlton Women's Guild receive a prize. That was claimed by Yew Tree Women's Guild with an average purchase of £53 13s 10¾d. In modern decimal money that's about £53.68p, not sure about those three farthings. If use the National Currency Currency Converter has the spending power of £1,223 today. No respresentitive from the Yew Tree Guild was present that Friday 2nd December 1949 so arrangements had to be made to pass it on.

Suppose you want to know who came second, well that was Cornbrook Mixed Guild, and third was the previous year's winner Greenheys Mixed Guild. "Trade continues to move forward and at the present time the Society was recording no less than £13,000 per week increase" said Mr. J. Clarke JP who announced the winners.

Reference : Manchester & Salford Co-operative Herald January 1950, page 26.

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