Monday, December 12, 2011

Xmas Long Ago

Christmas back in 1946 was in an austere age. There was rationing, make do and mend classes carried on as in the war years, and adverts for Government Surplus made "American Wadded Bed Covers" available for 29 shilling and 6 pence (a sum just shy of £1.50 in today's money). The covers came in one colour and that was khaki. The Barlow Moor Mixed Guild did manage to celebrate their 15th birthday with a "splendid tea" for 60 members. Dancing to music from the piano was the entertainment. Whilst Ladybarn Co-operative Hall which had been occupied by the Americans was released from Government service back in October 1946.


Andrew Simpson said...

Very relevant Lawrence, given the way things are going

lorenzo23 said...

This was austerity before the "Consumer Society" blossomed in the late 1950's. Not sure how austerity would be tolerated today when the biggest pastime is to go shopping and spend on credit.

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