Friday, December 16, 2011

Oldest Business in Chorlton

Local historian Andrew Simpson has opened up a debate as to the oldest business in Chorlton. Alright there arn't many involved in the debate and they ain't going to fall out about it. All this was prompted by the relocation of H.T.Burt from Chorlton to Poynton recently. The men's fashion store was founded in 1895 and was featured in a Mary Portas Queen of Shops Tv programme in 2007.

The front runners were Ken Foster's Cycle Logic since 1954, then topped by Richardson's Bakery on Beech Road from 1947, and a serious contender R. Pepperdine & Sons, Funeral Directors on Manchester Rd which started in 1873 in Moss Side. But in the mix is the Hardy Lane Co-op Store from 1929. Now operated by The Co-operative after all the mergers that have reduced over a thousand co-operative societies down to a score or so. Should we include the public houses for the Horse & Jockey has a claim for serving ale on that site of Chorlton Green for 500 years?

Anyway you can read the original postings at Chorlton History, and you get a couple of pictures with them.

Oldest Business in Chorlton
The great debate? (part2)

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Andrew Simpson said...

Well Lawrence looks like it is the Coop which is rather pleasing. Look forward to the story on the sports ground.

You can email : coop AT with any information that will help in the making of this history.