Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Original Line

Hardy Lane Looking West
Took a little time out today to photograph what I believe is the original section of Hardy Lane. It is marked by the gully covers set into the pavement. This would have been on the north side of the road. The photograph is looking westwards.
Gully Cover
Gully covers are a clue to the age of a street and these were made by J & S Eyres, an iron works in Lord Street, Miles Platting, Manchester and date from around the 1920's. It all reads a bit nerdy. The gaps are also parallel to the road which was the way then. It was and still is a hazard for cyclists, that's why more modern ones are at right angles or 45 degrees to the curb. The point is that iron street wear rarely changes. For example I've been to places in Italy that still have Mussolini era covers as part of a 1920's water distribution scheme in Puglia. Closer to home there are plenty of examples from Victorian and Edwardian times.Fountain Street, and Police Street in the city centre have some very early pre-Manchester Corporation gully covers.

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drainspotter said...

In the net, there are very few traces left of J. & S. Eyres. If you have any further information about the foundry, you are very welcome to leave it here.

You can email : coop AT with any information that will help in the making of this history.