Friday, May 1, 2009

Co-op Stamps

Bit of nostalgia for older people. Now, this shows that something that existed in their millions but can no longer to be found. Ephemera becomes the rarity in your own lifetime. Everytime I've shown this book to people the reaction has been - where did you get that from? Somewhere in my archives there is a book of Green Shield stamps, and an even more obscure blue stamps from some other company.

Dividend Stamps were introduced in 1965. It was an alternative to the traditional methods of paying the 'divi', and as a response to the adoption of trading stamps by other food retailers (Tesco adopted the Green Shield stamps scheme). Some individual societies operated their own stamp schemes but the CWS National scheme was in use from 1969. Don't know when they ceased.

Further reading : Trading Stamps - Wikipedia


Brian Miller said...

I just came across a couple of books but it is the Sunwin Motor group that had them last. If=n fact I bought y last car from Sunwin and got points on my co-op card for doing so

Reyanne Choudhury said...

i have a page of them but was woundering how much they are worth now and if they are worth something i was wishing to sell is it a good idea

Anonymous said...

I found some of the 5 coop stamps in a house clearance, if you want to complete your book, let me know at

Mike said...

I just found a load in the attic of my new house. Are they of any value?

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