Sunday, April 19, 2009

When Whist was big!

The card game whist was a popular activity in Britain. Many an hour of social activity was spent at whist drives. It was an important source of fund raising for associations, local Labour Parties and other voluntary groups. It also had a competitive element with prizes for participants and cups for teams.

Barlow Moor Guild - 15th April 1938
Annual meeting. Mr. Forrester , captain of the Whist Team, reported that Barlow Moor had won the shield, and we are all proud that our whist players have secured this honour, especially as we shall be the second Mixed Guild to have its name engraved on the trophy.

The new Guild officials are :
President, Mr. Frank Spires ; vice-president, Mr. A. B. Miles ; secretary, Mrs. Ada Dean ; assistant secretary, Mrs. Doherty ; treasurer, Mrs. Forrester.

Committee :
Mrs. Oultram, Mrs. Oriel, Mrs. Turner, Mr. S. Coombes, Mr. A. Dean, Mr. Morris.
Whist captain, Mr. Forrester ; vice-captain, Mrs. Hinchey. Sick visitors, Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wallwork.
from Manchester & Salford Co-operative Herald May 1938.

Frank Spires was a long time active co-operator, one of the original members who founded Withington Co-operative Party back in 1918. Mrs. Oultram on the Committee was Secretary of the Guild after WWII.

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