Wednesday, January 23, 2013

M&S Archive

I've done previous posts on Marks & Spencer. The link is tenuous and is based on the premise M&S used to refer to Manchester & Salford and the co-operative society of that name that built the Hardy Lane shop and rooms. There used to many organisations with Manchester & Salford in their title - e.g. Manchester & Salford Trustee Savings Bank. But the city names have fallen out of favour and the term Greater Manchester has become more widely used.

But if you are interested in the history of shopping, retail and food then the Marks & Spencer archive will be of interest. Based in Leeds where trading started on a market stall in 1884. There are pictures, a timeline and themes to explore online. I visited the exhibition when it opened a few years back. It had a cafe serving Marks & Spencer teas and snacks as well. It is a short way out of town in the university district. A day trip to Leeds is well worth a visit. Some good architecture, marvellous Victorian shopping arcades and plenty of places to obtain a decent meal.

Marks & Spencer Archive
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