Monday, November 16, 2009

Slum Clearance Order

Hardy Lane cottages were demolished on a Clearance Order dated 1969, although demolition was carried out in December 1972. They were in a poor state both in and outside. Sagging roofs, leaning chimneys, dampness, inequate light and ventilation. The report even refers to insanitary pail closets in defective structures. In 1969 there were 8 cottages, with seven of them inhabited by 20 people. 16 were adults and 4 were children. The properties were owned by Chorlton-cum-Hardy Golf Company.

Thanks to local historian Andrew for sending this information on to me. Back then there was a policy of demolishing old and defective housing rather than spending money on making them inhabitable again. There are lots of old cottages in Chorlton that nearly joined them under the bulldozer before that policy was amended. The photograph is from 1958.

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