Friday, August 21, 2009

Use of piano

There used to be two pianos upstairs in the Hardy Lane rooms. They've gone now and it must have required some effort to move them both upstairs and downstairs on the steep narrow stairs.

Here is a report of one of them being used. There might only have been one in the room at that time. It's Saturday 16th March 1946, just after WWII and rationing is still in operation. There was a pooling of goods collected from members and over 60 members and friends sat down to a "splendid tea and were serviced by the Committee".

Later "under the efficient direction of Mr.Dean, with Mrs.Horton at the piano, the dancing commenced."

Before then there was Mr. Best of the Guild Committee "performing clever conjuring tricks" which put "everyone in good spirits". After the tea and before the entertainment there were several speeches. Mr. Rutter, President does the cordial welcome and introductions. Mr.Dale of the Education Committee, Mrs. Ashton from the District Council, Mr.Hill of the Co-operative Party, Mr.S.Coombs of the Publicity Dept tendered congratulations and best wishes.

The evening continues with Miss Gilman demonstrating the art of elocution with some monologues "which received great applause". Refreshments and ices served during the interval, plus singing "Auld Land Syne" at the end of the evening.

Report, M&SE Co-op Herald Pg 91 April 1946.

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